For your natural, beautiful wedding in Can Mirlo please contact by email or phone.

The marquee measures 15m/15m and sits about 140 pers.

Catering is done / organised by Emilie and her team, we use as much as we possibly can local, fresh, simple delicious Mediterranean cocina.

We would love to give you more details about menu’s. So far menus have been different for each party so we don t have set menu’s and are happy to make each party exclusive.

Emilie has experience working on yachts as a chef and has her own catering company in Belgium where she has the habit to provide every event with fresh home-made bread and local produce.

The ceremony can be done in the garden at the back under the orange orchard that will give you some shade or in one of the little charming churches with squares of Llubi, Muro or Buger.

The venue is open to many possibilities, there s space for children to play in the garden too.

We can help you find accommodation for your guests, a photographer to capture your day, a hairdresser who comes to the finca and many more to fulfil all your wishes.

Carpark is available.

Are you interested? Give us a call we are happy to give your all the details and availability.